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Šoninis staliukas Conscious, 50×25 cm

Urban Nature Culture

Original price was: 265 €.Current price is: 212 €.

Upcycling meets design in Urban Nature Culture’s side table Conscious. Made of reclaimed wood, it looks like it’s been there forever. And basically, it has been – upcycled from old barns, warehouses and other places, with each piece of wood carrying a sense of history. Having withstood the test of time, reclaimed wood is durable, eco-friendly and a great start in living a more sustainable life; by inviting furniture of recycled wood into your home. Every chunk of wood is unique and tells its own story, while reducing the need to cut down new trees and helping to reduce the effects that the industry has on Mother Nature. The timeless character and simple beauty of this side table makes it a perfect piece to rest your most precious items on – it adds a natural touch to any room you let it stand out.”

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