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Vazonas, Julian, Brown

House Doctor


Show off your green plants in the beautiful flowerpots, which come in down-to-earth colours, in the home. Julian from House Doctor is a brown flowerpot made of clay and covered in coloured glaze. Due to its natural and unique look, Julian will invite nature in and take part in creating life and personality to the decor of the home. Provide the pot with a beautiful green plant and place it on the windowsill, at the table or on the floor – alone or together with other decorative elements in order to create extra eye-catching elements in the decor. This handmade item has a rustic look and is porous. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that it is completely waterproof. To prevent damage to your surfaces, use a saucer, place the planter on a pad or use an insert. Note: The finish of this product may vary.

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